Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today he said goodbye. May you rest in peace. Te vamos a extranar mucho mi querido Abuelito. 


  1. My grandaddy passed away a couple of years ago. Shortly before then I had written a poem for him. These are a couple of the stanzas:

    "Grandaddy, I never told you this-
    but it`s important to me now,
    to let you know how you change my life
    in ways you know not how.

    Memories of my infancy
    do not belong to me;
    Though I smile when they come from you,
    so clear and sarcastically.

    I love you more than you`ll ever know;
    and it just dawned on me why:
    Because you are the touchstone to my past,
    and my future`s alibi!..."

    Hold your good memories. :-)

  2. thank you Debbie it's a beautiful poem, "because you are the touchstone to my past, and my future's alibi"..I love that line.
    I want to keep his legacy alive, because I want Beli to always know what a wonderful and loving man her Great-grandfather was.